Basic Features:

  • Reclining System
  • 3 Point Seat Belt
  • One Side Arm Rest
  • Magazine Net
  • Food Tray
  • Seat Back Grab Handle
  • Legs (Floor connection)

Extra Items

  • Side Sliding System
  • Other Side Arm Rest
  • Middle Arm Rest
  • Seat Padding (Informative image is below)
  • Diamond Stitch (Informative image is below)
  • Foot Rest
  • Legs (Wall Connection)
  • If you want to order your seats with a different color, please check our upholstery page. Click here for upholstery options

What is seat padding?
Seat padding is the additional upholstery on the seat for a more comfortable cushion&back rest and a more luxurious look.

What is diamond stitch?
Diamond pattern is another design option we offer. Informative image is below.                                   

  • Select a seat model.
  • Define the quantity demanded for double & single seats and to be installed on right or left side.

Unless you change any feature on the seat, you will have the basic features. Else, you can add extra items from the list below or remove basic features from your seats.