• VW T4


Tunatek Auto offers homologated World class panel van glasses to you dear esteemed customers. For your inquiries, please inform us with below details.

  • *Which van have you got and is it an old or a new model of it’s kind.
  • *Is your van RHD, LHD or Twin Doors vehicle?
  • *For rear baggage, do you need barn doors glasses or tailgate glass?
  • *Which glass or glasses do you need? Behind driver, rear quarter etc. For 3pcs side glazed vehicles, you can define them as 1st, 2nd or 3rd glass. First glass is the one behind driver/passenger.
  • *Which color do you need your glasses in? There are different names for defining the same colors in the industry such as:
    • -Galaxy=Dark Grey=Privacy
    • -Fume=Light Grey=Clear
    • -Green
  • *After defining the glass and the color, let us know if you need fixed or slider option for each glass.
  • *Last, let us know the quantities you need for each glass. For no mistakes, make sure each glass defined correctly by color, fixed/slider, quantity.
  • If there is a van glass you are looking for and that's not on our web site, let us know with quantity you need so that we can send you an offer.